The JATC's role is oversee the apprenticeship programs within the four utilities and insure training agents act in compliance and within the standards set forth by the State of Oregon Apprenticeship and Training Division.  

The voting committee is made up of equal numbers of four employer and four employee members. The committee usually meets once a month and all meetings are conducted under the Robert's Rules of Order.  Decisions are decided by a majority vote. Minutes of the meetings are taken and submitted to the ATD Apprenticeship Representative.

In addition to general oversight, the committee is charged with indenturing new apprentices and regularly monitoring the progress of current apprentices throughout their apprenticeship.  By recommendation from the apprentice's training agent, the committee reviews progress and votes to advance or "re-rate" the apprentice to the next step in their apprenticeship.

If necessary, the committee may "hold" an apprentice at their current step when improvement is needed.  Additionally, the committee has the authority to discipline an apprentice and terminate their apprenticeship if necessary.