The following four local electrical utilities in Lane County, Oregon are the heart of the Eugene-Springfield JATC:

The four utilities, or "training agents", joined together in 1967 and entered into a certified training agreement with the State of Oregon Apprenticeship & Training Division (ATD), a branch of the Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI).  

The Eugene-Springfield JATC is comprised of:

      • Committee Members consisting of two representatives from each Training Agent - one employer and one employee. Each have voting rights.
      • Two officers, a Chairperson and a Secretary, elected by the voting committee.
      • Alternate members identified by each training agent in the event that regular members are absent.
      • Three Associate Members from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 659.
      • One Committee Coordinator responsible for record keeping, meeting preparation and general administrative support for both the apprentices and committee members.
      • An Apprenticeship Representative from the State of Oregon Apprenticeship and Training Division. This person provides guidance on industry standards and training guidelines, and works closely with the committee.